Introduction to the Wiseman Trust

The Wiseman Trust is a registered charity which, since 1994, has been raising money to fund research into Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). TTTS is a disorder which affects (and very often kills) identical twins in the very early stages of life.

The Wiseman Trust was set up in 1994 by Colin and Julie Wiseman, shortly after the death of their identical twins, Richard and Jack. Since 1994, Colin, Julie and the other trustees of the Wiseman Trust have raised nearly £1,000,000 to fund research into the cause of and a cure for TTTS. In addition, the Wiseman Trust has funded the provision of key diagnostic equipment at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital in London. Research into the disease has historically been based at Queen Charlotte’s but more recently the essential research work funded by the charity has extended to Australia under the expert guidance of Professor Fisk, a leader in this particular field of medicine.

Our work will not stop until the cause and a cure for TTTS has been found. Please support us in the quest: give us a chance to give babies a chance.

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How We Raise Funds

The Wiseman Trust is not a charity which will ever rattle a tin or a bucket! Our fundraising is focused entirely on a series of annual events which give fun to those which support us. The biggest annual fundraiser is the Annual Race Night, held at London’s prestigious Landmark Hotel every November. This terrific event is supplemented each year by a Quiz Night in Central London, a Golf Day in Kent, a 6 aside Cricket competition in the beautiful grounds of the Getty Estate and another golfing themed night at TopGolf in Watford. For more details click on this link.....